Monday, June 1, 2009

Hydroponics experiment

So one of my problems with growing a garden here in Florida is that after just one season, those nasty root-knot nematodes find my beautiful garden and reduce it to a wilting mass of frustration. I've tried solarizing the soil and that lasts for a couple months, then those critters are back to destroy all my efforts. Even if I was pro-pesticides, I would still have the problem that the only tried and true method for ridding the soil of nematodes is by fumigation with a chemical is that is dangerous enough to be on the list of items that are being phased out world-wide and currently available only to commercial growers (just Google methyl bromide).

My solution, which is years in planning and revision, is a hydroponics system that takes advantage of the fish waste generated by my ponds. Time will tell if the idea will work but this past weekend I've installed my first experimental plant- a tomato cutting.

One of the things I will record on this blog is the progress (or setbacks) of this very makeshift system. Stay tuned...

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