Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 2- Chicken project

I've temporarily reduced the area the girls can forage in since 2 of them squeezed through the backyard fence yesterday while I was trying to get them in for the night. Luckily I had the other 2 already in so their frantic peeping kept the escapees close by. I was able to corner one and catch her outside the fence because she ran into a corner that had the solid shed on one side and a smaller gauge wire on the other so that was fortunate. The other, smaller/younger, pullet popped back through the fence so rather than try to catch her, I set up the smaller pen area using about 20 feet of chicken wire I happened to have on hand (this is why I never throw anything away...) and left one side open and went inside the house. After a little while, she came out of hiding and found her way into the penned area and right up to the coop door to get closer to sounds of the rest of the girls. Watching, I went out, closed the fencing up so she couldn't get out if she ran again and I easily grabbed her and put her in for the night. Another comic moment NOT caught on tape- thank God!

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