Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year, New Project


I've tried hydroponics in the fish pond. Problems keeping the pump filter from clogging up and stopping the flow to the plants posed an issue that I still have not resolved. The project is not completely abandoned, I'll find a day to empty the pond and start from scratch before the cool winter months are over.

I've tried backyard chickens, which worked wonderfully until I got too cocky with the idea of 'free range' and ended up providing some wonderful meals to the local wildlife (I truly think it was a bobcat who came a-calling). No more chickens until I build a tractor coop and develop a system to feed them if I'm away for a few days.

New project - reclaiming the backyard from the wild abandon of nature. The chickens had kept the yard virtually free of weeds with their constant scratching but once they were gone, the void was quickly filled with sida, spanish needle, tassel flower, cassia (volunteers from a plant that a colleague insisted was native but I have my doubts), and the scourge of non-manicured spaces everywhere, balsam apple.
My plan is to create a kid friendly space for exploring nature, playing and learning, creating hideaways, watching butterflies and bumblebees and listening to bird songs... plus some edibles for on-the-go snacking. Of course, this will all be done without pesticides and a minimum of fertilizer. Big plans but I've got my grandson in mind so I want him to have fun when he comes to visit Grammy :o).

As I make progress or encounter setbacks, I will post pictures that will show the transformation. Hopefully this project will have a better outcome than those in the past. Wish me luck!

First steps to reclaiming the backyard...

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