Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slight glitch in the system...

The second tank developed a leak, which emptied out the pond rather quickly. With our lack of consistent rain, I had to fill the pond at least to the level where the pump wouldn't run dry and burn out the motor. I disconnected the second tank and will continue this experiment with just the one tank.
I received my seeds in the mail and, while I know it is not the best time of year here to expect great results (the temperatures have been in the 90s with a heat index over a 100), I just had to give it a shot. I added about a cup of perlite to each unit, then added the seeds and covered with a half inch or so of perlite for added moisture retention and to help slow evaporation from the wick/drain socks. I added a shade cloth to help block some of the intense sun. On June 13, I planted these vegetable seeds in the following order:

tomato tomato pepper squash
cucumber- basil- cilantro- redbasil- pumpkin

10 days later and still no seedlings. I just may have to wait until fall whether I like it or not :o)

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