Friday, June 5, 2009

Hydroponics log 06.05.09

So I looked around in the local discount stores to see if I could find some inexpensive seeds to further testing on the hydroponics system, but alas, it is past the cheap seeds season. Rather than take what is left at Home Depot (the only local store that still carries a variety of seeds), I decided to go for the good stuff and placed an online order with Parks Seed (I chose this company strictly because they are located in South Carolina and specify in their descriptions whether the variety is good for southern gardens- and because they have a long history of quality service). Here's my order:
Order Shipping To: Dolly
Item Description
Tomato Terrific Vfn Hybrid
Bean Mon Petite Cheri
Pumpkin Jack Be Little
Squash Sunglo Hybrid
Basil Dark Opal
Cucumber Muncher
Lettuce Merlot
Pepper North Star Hybrid
Cilantro Delfino
They should arrive within a week. We will see how these do in my system.
By the way, the tomato cutting I put in as a test is still alive although that's about the most I can say about it. I am concerned that the temperature within that open cup is higher than the plant should be exposed to during the hot afternoon hours. I will test it today if it doesn't rain.

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